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Grant Recipeint
Lex Albrecht

The financial help from WISE alleviated a lot of stress, so I could focus on achieving athletic excellence instead of struggling to make ends meet and finding ways to make important training and racing opportunities accessible.  Thank you so much for what you've done for me WISE!"

​​As the daughter of a single mom, my big goal in life was to be able to invite friends over to raid the refrigerator!  Being on food stamps, it was a pinch to feed our family of 4 let alone feed the neighbor kids.   There was never a thought of being a high level athlete let along being an Olympian.

Learning to overcome obstacles and continuing to push myself on the bike, along with strong support from my family, helped me to recognize I could achieve anything I put my mind to doing.  This included Graduating with an MS in Physical Therapy and going to the Olympics.  

​Now as a coach, I see what cycling and competition does to increase a woman's self confidence and ability to take on and overcome challenges.  I also see how it enriches the lives of others.  In order for athletes to excel, and push towards their dreams, it requires support, both monetarily and emotionally.    This is where WISE comes in!                                    Ann Trombley MSPT

Marina Lepikhina


​At WISE we believe that By encouraging women to excel in their sport, we give them a place to build strength, confidence, discipline and work ethic. Competition Creates strong women who are ready for the challenges in life!

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Ellen Burnes

We improve life for all people by supporting women!


​Women in Sports Enrichment (WISE) provides funding to female athletes and female teams to encourage them to reach their athletic and Life Goals. WISE aspires to Create a legacy for female athletes around the world.

Mary Uchida